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Cycling, a story of passion

Michel built his first bike parts by himself at the age of 20. Passionate about cycling and trained in micro-mechanics, he is convinced that urban mobility and cycling go hand-in-hand, more specifically: cargo bikes. He bought his first cargo bike in 2015 and equipped it himself with a central engine to turn it into a real means of travel, adapted to city living.

Inclinaison du triporteur électrique pendulaire familial 2 places enfant ili classic 900

Multifunctional cargo bike designer

He was attracted on the one hand by the load capacity that stable trikes offer, and on the other hand by the maneuverability of two wheeled cargo bikes. He then started developing a tilting cargo bike in 2015 so he could combine both of these characteristics into one bike. After over two years of conception, and about 6 versions later, he launched the production of his first prototype and created his brand “Ili Cycles” in January 2018.

Made in local

From the frame to the mechanical parts and the painting, the whole chassis is made by local craftsmen and manufacturers in France, not far from Nantes in Vendée and Haute-Loire.

They share our passion

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